Slow Worm on Grey Crag

A funny thing – you don’t see a slow worm for ages, then you see a couple in the space of a fortnight.

You might recall we saw a slow worm on Scout Scar. Well, we’ve just seen another up by Grey Crag above Grasmere.

This one was a bit quicker at getting clear of the path than his Scout Scar relative, but he was lovely to watch while he was there.

The little circuit up by Grey Crag and Alcock Tarn is one of our favourite short walks from Grasmere. William and Dorothy Wordsworth liked it too. On a clear day it has some fantastic views over to the Langdale Pikes and back over Coniston and Windermere.

A relatively easy fell walk too – though some care is needed on the descent, where the path is quite rocky.

You pass up by Dove Cottage to start the walk and then follow the footpath signs to Alcock Tarn.

There was a tent by the tarn. How good to see someone enjoying spending the night in such a beautiful location – particularly as campers are having such a hard time at the moment.

And then – tea and tea cake outside the excellent Baldry’s tea shop in Grasmere.

What a wonderful way to spend a morning!

(c) Text and pictures J and A Bainbridge

By John Bainbridge

Rambler, hillwalker, stravaiger and trespasser, access campaigner. Novelist writing historical and period crime fiction.


  1. A wonderful way to spend a morning, indeed, John. Such stunning scenery. And another slow worm into the bargain, too. I was only talking about these with my daughter today, and we decided their name doesn’t do them justice. I’ve only ever seen two, but they were about a decade apart, so you’ve done well!

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